Flying to Tangier

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Back in October 2021, it seemed like a good idea to book a holiday in Morocco. I looked on for the cheapest place to stay for a month and found an apartment in Fes. It was so cheap, I booked right away. I didn’t expect to be flying to Tangier.

Step into the Future

It was an important step, we have been waiting two years to start this adventure. Since we stayed in Fes and Meknes in 2018, I wanted to return. I needed to put a firm and committed footprint into the future.

If you are feeling the urge to travel, just do it. Take a step into the future and make a commitment to go to a place you really wanna go. We don’t know how accessible the world is going to be and it is crucial, now more than ever, to make connections, heart to heart, sharing our cultures and celebrating our diversity.

Morocco closed the borders again in December and all flights to the Kingdom were cancelled. Still, I trusted and booked a flight. I couldn’t book direct to Fes at the time, Ryanair stopped all flights to Morocco, so I booked a flight from Gatwick to Tangier with Air Arabia. We would be flying to Tangier a week before our rental in Fes. I made plans to visit Chefchaouen for a few days on the way.

Escape Velocity – Flying to Tangier

Those few months went by so fast. The skies opened again in February 2022 and before we knew it we were flying to Tangier.

We are actually flying to Tangier

We had hoops to jump through, boosters, a fit to fly test and a health form, simple things, but the tests added £130 to the overall cost. Making a cheap getaway pretty expensive. Above all, I did what needed doing and trusted that this land that I love, loves me back and would help to open the way.

Nevertheless, I wouldn’t relax until we landed in Tangier.

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