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Welcome to Really Wanna Go. We are Max and Lisa Goodwin, Bards of Ynys Witrin, Glastonbury, England. This travel and folklore blog is part of our preparation to set off on a journey around the world as travelling bards. We are into sacred landscapes, pilgrimage and finding places where divinity shines. Consequently, we have this driving passion to discover new places and seek new stories.

From city streets to rural retreats, from huge cathedrals to intimate firesides. We will be discovering stories of sacredness, of courage and resilience and bringing you tales of grace and beauty. Not only will we be seeking the best hospitality and providing tips on authentic ways of thriving in different locations, we are also on a mission to find out for ourselves, what is incredible in our world.


Really Wanna Go Home

I find it amusing that the title of this page shows up as Really Wanna Go Home. We haven’t even set off on our epic journey, but this is where it starts. I’m sure there will be plenty of times when things don’t go as planned and we do just want to go home. Luckily, we have a wonderful place to go home to.

Our home is Glastonbury, a small market town in Somerset, England. Most famous for it’s Tor, Abbey Ruins, Chalice Well and of course, Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts, which happens in village down the road. If you want to find out more about what it is like to live here, I can thoroughly recommend my friend Vicki’s blog,  Normal For Glastonbury.

Glastonbury Town should be classed as a world heritage site. The place has so many beautiful visitor attractions, my top sacred space is ‘The White Spring Sanctuary,’ which we built ourselves. Many people say they Really Wanna Go to Glastonbury and most of them mean the festival. But many people visit the town and decide they want to live here. If this is you, take heed from the 8th Bard of Ynys Witrin (yours truly) and check out this you tube clip of my poem. “I Want to Live in Glastonbury.”


Beltane green folk

Really Wanna Go Travel Blog

This is not a typical travel blog. While you will find all the things you would expect from a travel blog; Food and Drink,   where to go, how to get there, things to avoid and other useful Travel Tips. We Really Wanna Go further. To dive deep into the culture and Folklore of the places we visit and to discover the living mythology and stories of the people.

We have a unique and sometimes funny way of looking at the world. You might need to get used to our sense of humour and occasional bouts of freakishness. One thing is certain, we will tell you the absolute truth. Therefore, you can trust we will not spin you a tale of glory and ignore the grimy bits. You will get the lot, the whole raw and juicy Truth.

Boomtown Prep for Mischief Magic and Mayhem


Love Festivals? So do we. This year we are taking time out from Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts but we will be at Boomtown. Next year we will be back at smaller festivals with the Bardic Fire fire. The Bardic Fire is a gentle and nurturing fire scene for people in all kinds of states of mind to feel grounded and nurtured. An intentional fire to encourage story telling, music, poetry and inspiration.

When it is called for we hold ceremony, provide a healing space, offer VortexHealing and even dress up to play a part in live action role-play. Max has been helping organise the daily ceremony in the Tepee field at Glastonbury Festival since 2011. We have over 20 years experience of running small camps and organising festival venues.  Consequently, we have a rare inside perspective on British festivals, alternative ways of getting in to them and all the best ways to have a lush time of it. Look out for more festival tales next year.

Join Us as The Journey Unfolds

To start off with we will be exploring closer to home and building the blog around UK destinations.  Connecting with groups of people from other destinations who have ended up here, and hearing their story. We already have a bunch of tales lined up from our visits to USA and Morocco. As we get on with our plan to lighten the load and get ready to go, we will share tips on how to raise funds and plan for long term sustainable travel. When we reach escape velocity we will share will you the successes and frustrations of moving into a whole new phase of being.

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