I Want To Go To Glastonbury

Time to go Travelling.

I want to go to Glastonbury. Hahaha … Yes, that is a somewhat crazed laugh. I turned 50 last year. I had plans to go travelling. This website was part of that plan, but it is sitting here waiting, like me. A wise man once said, ‘if you want to make the gods laugh, tell them your plans.’ I imagine they are having a good old jolly this year. Now we can’t even go to Glastonbury Festival this summer, as it is cancelled for the second year. If you are anything like me, you will be feeling pretty much done with this pandemic.

I am holding on to that golden ticket that I won in the poetry slam 2019 until I can get back in those fields. Here is the poem I wrote last summer. I don’t know if I can wait another year.

I Want to go to Glastonbury.

I want to go to Glastonbury
This year would be the best of all
The 50th anniversary of this
Epic, cosmic Festival

I want to go to Glastonbury
I won a golden ticket
Slamming poetry and words
Cos that’s the way to win it

I want to go to Glastonbury
come sunshine or come flood
I’ll be tripping on the dusty rocks
or slipping about in the mud

I want to go to Glastonbury
Might bump into Michael Eavis
I’ll take 1000 selfies to send my
“Mate, you’ve got to see this!”

I want to go to Glastonbury
I love the farm and leave no trace
I’m missing my Glasto family
And I want to see your beautiful face

I want to go to Glastonbury
I’m looking for a sign
I’m going to climb up Pennard Hill
See the enormity of the site

I want to go to Glastonbury
Feel the rush of people power
I will get blasted by Arcadia
Go up the ribbon tower

I want to go to Glastonbury
I have the best time every year
I’ve got to escape reality
Sup the cider, drink warm beer

I want to go to Glastonbury
And I’m making no apologies
I’m gonna get messy every night
Then do massage, healing and astrology

I want to go to Glastonbury
I’ll go to the pyramid Stage
Jump up and down, lose all my mates
And shout at a stranger “This is great!”

I want to go to Glastonbury
Be tempted by seduction
But I’ll take it really carefully
Practice harm reduction!

I want to go to Glastonbury
Hunt for the best dirty burger
Then end up in green Futures
To find out that meat is murder!

I want to go to Glastonbury
I can feel Avalon rising
I want to get up to the tipi field
But I’ve gone and done my thighs in.

I want to go to Glastonbury
To get away from fascists
Go Leftfield, against the grain
And party with the masses

I want to go to Glastonbury
Where the baseline comes up from the ground
This kind of camping is intense
And we weather the storm of sound

I want to go to Glastonbury
After dark in the naughty corner
Dance all night with all my might
Then revive up at Sam’s sauna

I want to go to Glastonbury
Stumbling through Undleground
Get a cup of tea for 50p
That Starcus bloke is really sound

I want to go to Glastonbury
To raise my spirit higher
At the stone circle find my ancestry
Just chilling by the fire.

I want to go to Glastonbury
But Rona has said no!
They cancelled the 50th anniversary
so none of us will get to go …

so I think of all the energy required put on this magnificent show.

There are the pre Dawn bakers, brandy coffee makers, healers and crafters, massagers, gong bathers, flagmakers, bin painters, disco divas, pullers of levers, wristband pinchers and gatekeepers. Green security, welfare stalkers, glamorous, glorious showtime walkers, toilet builders, markers of fielders, harris fencers, builders of benches, protectors of the hedges, the watchers of the edges. Gasman, plumbers, litter pickers, car parkers, windscreen stickers, woodchoppers, campsite rangers, firekeepers, market traders, health and safety, decor makers, volunteers and field coordinators, bartenders and waiterers. World changers and astrologers, permaculture foragers, performers, poets, choirs and dancers, stage hands and vibe enhancers. And then there’s all the people you just don’t see like recyclers, farmers, and the people who deal with all the poo and all the wee.

Wherever you all are,
and whatever you might do,
I want to express my gratitude
and raise a glass to you.

Lisa Goodwin

June 2021

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