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Lisa White Spring Gates Loving Well

Create Beauty – A Worthy Purpose.

The White Spring is not an easy place to look after, however as this poem ‘Loving Well’ suggests, it is rewarding on so many levels. Since writing about ‘Trouble at The White Spring’ this week I thought it would be a good time to post a reminder of the love that many feel for this sacred space. If you have looked at the article already you will know that The White Spring has periodically gone through challenging times. A wonderful story about one of these times is, The White Spring, The Blacksmith and a Gift of Silver.

This is a living temple. It is the ancient archetypes, the flowing water and the dedication of keepers and companions of the White Spring who help keep it alive. I was once told by a good friend; if we take time to make the world a more beautiful place, we have served a worthy purpose. Since then I have endeavoured to create beauty wherever I go and I’ve had the honour to do that right under Glastonbury Tor. And yes, I love it. This poem was written in April 2014 when our doors were destroyed only to be replaced with fabulous new gates.


Loving Well.

A heart is held enthralled by stone and water,
It’s beating pulse is fed by constant flow,
In face of threat or danger, it won’t falter
And even when disaster bucks the bow.

Once, twice, thrice, by strife, a love is tested,
This love requires utter sacrifice,
Lay down my self, my life, at once invested,
Embraced and held by otherworldly sighs.

Defying definition, Oh my love,
To make of me the novice, and the brave.
Release all inhibition, not enough!
To walk into the darkness of the cave.

Living on the edge of a cold chasm,
Allowed to put the grapes upon the vine,
Driven by an archetypal passion,
Swallowed by the taste of love divine.

And hidden in the shadow cast by candles,
A heart trips on the strings of pure delight,
And bidden by the hallows of the deep well,
It brings a loving presence to the light.

Lisa Goodwin, Bard of Ynys Witrin April 2014

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