Dreaming of Kath Hope – Napowrimo 8


Poetry prompt, a monologue in the words of someone who has died. This is for a dear friend who lived in our garden. Kath Hope. This is part of my Lockdown Breakout series of fresh poems written each day in April 2021 for National Poetry Writing month.

Dreaming of Kath Hope.

She never forgave me
for dying so soon,
after the breakdown
turned into a breakthrough.

Then, when i bounced into her dreams,
all full of the joys of the garden,
laughing at the mud stains on my fingers,
and singing that Greenwood song,
just like she always said I was.

She was cross.
Of course she was.
But she didn’t show it.

I hadn’t seen her for a long while,
so I smiled at her like I always did,
and she joined in with my chorus,
‘and we danced for the love of the greenwood’

Knelt down and watched
the snowdrops breakthrough the soil,
mulch breakdown to compost.

She did forgive me.
Yet, didn’t have the heart to tell me,
I was dead.
But it was okay.
I already knew.

Lisa Goodwin
8th April 2021

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