Blake’s Albion – Napowrimo 12

Blake's Albion

I absolutely love this image of Blake’s Albion. It expresses such optimism and freedom. That is why I was so pleased to find this prompt from, using a Classical dictionary and a science fiction dictionary. Taking terms or concepts from both to craft a poem.

The Giant’s Dance

Has Albion been shaken
By the progress we have made?
In a giant dance of irony,
His optimistic stance betrayed.

A Crown of stars, and one did make,
It’s self divided, supernova.
To liberate a contrary state,
Of bitter protest and dystopia.

In a temporal paradox,
Unbounded and contained,
Still wanting more expansion,
Yet wanting more constraint.

And now we are world building,
If innocence holds the key,
In the distortion of discernment,
Is wisdom lost to some degree?

Some timelines must be collapsing,
Under chaos, under law,
Yet time will let the poets speak,
Of such things on Albion’s shore.

A Titan lives within the man
Still fighting to be free,
And all the Druid rocks still stand
Right where they’re meant to be.

Forever will the giant dance,
Expansion fully actualized.
His liberty unbending,
Utopic vision realised.

Lisa Goodwin 12th April 2021

This is part of my Lockdown Breakout series of fresh poems written each day in April 2021 for National Poetry Writing month. I am also going live on facebook twice a week with poems and prompts whilst working on our upcoming coffee shop conversations. Find out more About me and Max and what we are up to here. If you want to support us, you can join our membership to get free access to our monthly talks, or buy me a coffee here.

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