Writing to my Faery Fetch – Napowrimo 11

Faery Fetch Letter

A Faery Fetch is a part of your soul nature that lives in the Realm of Fae. It may show itself in various forms, but since it is a part of you, it can be trusted to be aligned to your highest good. So I wrote to my fetch, and waited for a response. Maybe I am bonkers, maybe I’m a Bard. Here it is …

Mr. F. Fetch
Twixt here & there,
B4 2 L8

Dearest Friend,

For a long time I have wanted to write to you. And after our last outing, I wished to lay only joy at your feet, but to do so, I had to move through fear. Don’t worry, don’t despair. The most magnificent thing has transpired here. I barely know where to begin.

When first he came, I thought him the same. Slightly mad, wild eyed, playful as a child, but something happened to him. Last night, we faced each other, eye to eye across the pool, and I confessed to him my fear and misery. Then, before my very eyes, The Fool turned into a Faery!

All spiky and full of foulness. And while butter won’t melt in my mouth, it sizzles in my burning hands. so I went to talk to the man, and I thought him to be mad. Fairly feral. I don’t wish to hold assumptions, but could he be misaligned? Please advise.

I can tell you that this morning, I woke with such bliss and freedom, like some shadow has been lifted. Now the birdsong is louder, and everything is Golden. The world has changed in nature. I am much changed too. I guess that’s why I’m writing to you.

As we all get realigned, I just wanted to check in to see if you approve of the path I’m following. For you have never led me wrong. Oh, my dearest Faery Fetch, I should like to visit with you soon. I hope this letter finds you Resplendent in your glory.

For the Love of It, Sincerely.
The Bard /|\

He replied.

Ms Bard,

Dearest Bard,
Just a quick note to say,
All is chaos in order,
Everything changes.

The road you are set on,
Is quicker to track,
When the path it is golden.
Don’t you dare turn back.

Just trust in the process,
And be faery led,
But never forget
What I said.

The Fool is a Faery,
The Faery’s a Fool.
For what is a Feral Faery to do?
I will give you more details
When you visit me soon.

Your Faery Fetch.

Lisa Goodwin 11th April 2021

This is part of my Lockdown Breakout series of fresh poems written each day in April 2021 for National Poetry Writing month. I am also going live on facebook twice a week with poems and prompts whilst working on our upcoming coffee shop conversations. Find out more About me and Max and what we are up to here. If you want to support us, you can join our membership to get free access to our monthly talks, or buy me a coffee here.

Big Love.

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