Smile, Mona Lisa – Napowrimo 14

Smile, Mona Lisa

I was born Andrea and when I was six months old my name was changed to Lisa. At school I had various nicknames, one of the least creative was Moany Lisa, and Leaning Pisa, which developed into Lisa Pizza face when puberty showed up in my skin. I was not amused. At which people would chime, Smile, Mona Lisa.

Writing Prompt. Write a poem about the meaning of your name. Why not give it a go and write your own? I went for my first name but you can choose any name you wish.

Smile, Mona Lisa

The most famous
enigmatic smile,
Aligns with leaning towers,
And pepperoni,
To conjure childish

A diminutive form,
Of a wicked nickname,
That everyone at school
Finds hilarious,
But her.

Teasing out the meaning.
What is the Oath of God?
Mary’s closest friend,
Who bears Holy John,
Zacharia’s love.

Queens and Mad hatters,
Depreciate her name.
All bets are off as mothers,
Inspired by popular media,
Fall to favour
Graceland’s daughter.

Simpsons sing a parody
Of happy birthdays.
Cat Stevens sees her sad.
Prince says she is nasty.

The King remembers her,
Long after he is gone.
Lou Reed, goes deep,
Wraps her in velvet,
Betrays her secrets.
Sings what she says!

No wonder everyone
asks her to smile.

Lisa Goodwin
14th April 2021

This is part of my Lockdown Breakout series of fresh poems written each day in April 2021 for National Poetry Writing month. I am also going live on facebook twice a week with poems and prompts whilst working on our upcoming coffee shop conversations. Find out more About me and Max and what we are up to here. If you want to support us, you can join our membership to get free access to our monthly talks, or buy me a coffee here.

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