Rubbish Poem – Beloved Indian Blanket


Rubbish Poem – rewritten for Boomtown 2018 in honour of my mates beloved Indian blanket saga.

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They say ‘Love the Land and Leave no Trace,
But you can’t be arsed
Cos you are off your face.
You’ve been partying for days,
But look at the state of the place.

An abandoned refugee camp;
They came, they trashed, they left.
All the litter for the pickers.
All the tat for the tatters.
All the food for the seagulls, if they could get it out of the packets.

All the boots in the car parks,
In almost every parking space.
All the trolleys broken in the race
To be first out the gates,
While the land fills up with our disgrace.

You make up lies to soothe you
Like we can recycle, upcycle, re-use.
Make a thousand go carts
Out of all the spare parts
And send them to migrants.

With sleeping bags, roll mats,
and beloved Indian blankets.
Abandoned vango tents,
cookers and camping chairs.
Your funky shirts and his muddy flairs.

Someone will pick up the bits,
Cool boxes full of shit,
Who the hell does a dump,
In the middle of their tent?
A steaming monument to represent
the level of descent you underwent.

It’s not rocket surgery,
You were potty trained in nursery,
But you can buy more with your college bursary,
Buy one get one free in our disposable society.
While people are starving in a time of austerity,
lunching out your stuff ain’t donating to charity,
So lets’s get some clarity …

They said ‘Love the Land and Leave no Trace,
So have a bit of dignity
And tidy up the place.
We’ve been partying for days,
So respect the space and leave with grace.

Lisa Goodwin – Glastonbury Festival 2016 – rewritten for Boomtown 2018 in honour of my mates beloved Indian blanket saga.

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